AWS Managed Cloud Hosting Services by MilesWeb: Why We Love Their Hosting?

AWS Managed Cloud Hosting Services by MilesWeb Why We Love Their Hosting
AWS Managed Cloud Hosting Services by MilesWeb: Why We Love Their Hosting?

Cloud hosting term defines two different things like one, the services that run on the internet instead of your computer like SaaS (Software as a Service) and two, cloud hosting also means hosting a site on multiple connected servers that form a cloud. In 2012, MilesWeb started its cloud hosting service and since then they got the recognition of the best cloud hosting provider. This article will cover the features of MilesWeb Cloud Hosting along with the importance of it.

As mentioned earlier in cloud hosting technology a site is hosted on a cluster of servers known as the cloud, unlike shared hosting where multiple sites are hosted on a single server. In case of shared hosting, if one of the sites gets hacked then there is a possibility of other sites getting hacked too. On the other hand, in cloud hosting as the site’s data is divided across different servers, it becomes impossible to hack a site. Due to this isolation technology sites hosted on cloud remain unaffected from any kind of malicious activity in cloud hosting.

In cloud hosting your site’s data gets automatically mirrored across different servers so, even if any-one of the server fails or goes down your site gets switched automatically to other servers and can be accessed from it. Technically all the sites can’t go do at the same time, so security is a top-notch service with MilesWeb cloud hosting.

MilesWeb allows you to choose the operating system from Linux and Windows, along with the cloud hosting location from Mumbai, Singapore, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Sydney, Montreal, Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Seoul, Tokyo, and Ireland.

AWS Managed Cloud Hosting Services by MilesWeb: Why We Love Their Hosting?

The price for all the locations is the same.

AWS is a leading cloud hosting provider, but they do not provide its management. Whereas, MilesWeb offers best AWS managed hosting with its cloud infrastructure.

If you wish to buy hosting from AWS directly, then make sure that you are technically sound about it. This is because, if you get stuck at any point you won’t get the solution immediately. Instead, you will have to wait for long hours to get connected to their technical support. After resolving the problem, they ask heavy charge fees that are more than the actual hosting cost. This is not a one-time cost, every time you ask for help, each time you will have to pay.

But, if you have already purchased hosting from AWS and looking for the management option, then still MilesWeb takes the responsibility of management by handling a tedious job.

The migration of cloud hosting to the MilesWeb server is free. Their team of experts has years of experience in migrating sites without any downtime or data loss.

Features of MilesWeb cloud services

1) AWS certified team –

A certified team of experts takes the responsibility of managing the AWS server to keep it secure, powerful, and hassle-free.

2) 24/7 technical support –

You can contact them at any hour and the team is always available to help you. All your technical issues are solved without any additional cost.

3) Server Monitoring –

Server monitoring is very important to keep the server up and running to a topmost extent. To make the site sustainable during high traffic monitoring is done, it also limits possible infections and malware from affecting the site.

4) Optimization and Growth –

To embrace the cutting-edge AWS services, they enhance your AWS server together with performance, expenditure, and security.

5) Increased Productivity –

When the management is done by their technical team, let your team remain focused on your product building tactics to make profits from it.

Why choose MilesWeb for your AWS management?

MilesWeb provides numerous advantages such as reliability, and flexibility with their AWS server management. They have good experience of working with startups and well-established organizations and thus can understand the challenges a business can face during its growing days. Thus, they can handle any such situation easily. For most of the companies, moving to the cloud gets difficult but, MilesWeb makes it easy for you. This is because they guide you throughout the process of your AWS server setup. You can opt for AWS management or AWS consultancy the service will always be offered high-quality. You can trust them from beginning to the end process of your cloud transformation and more. They make sure that you get a powerful platform for your AWS server along with strict compliance with rigorous security.

MilesWeb’s key features that make your AWS journey successful are :

Affordable –

The main purpose of moving websites to the cloud is to get maximum hosting needs at a low cost. Thus, MilesWeb’s experts will analyze your site regularly and will reduce the cost of your AWS cloud by asking to eliminate the unused resources.

Optimized –

The AWS is optimized with the help of advanced caching technology that delivers better performance even when your needs expand.

Security –

The combination of capable AWS experts and tools used for management helps to safeguard your server and data stored on it.

Expertise –

The experienced team builds solution architecture for your AWS environment based on your needs.

Also, check customer review for MilesWeb as well,

AWS Managed Cloud Hosting Services by MilesWeb: Why We Love Their Hosting? AWS Managed Cloud Hosting Services by MilesWeb: Why We Love Their Hosting?

Conclusion –

Cloud hosting from MilesWeb can be easily scaled horizontal and vertical as per the website’s requirement. They also provide the pay-per-use cloud service with 99.95% uptime to all the websites.

MilesWeb’s other services include best cheap VPS hosting, Reseller Hosting, DigitalOcean Cloud, WordPress Hosting, Magento Hosting, Dedicated Server, Business Hosting, Domain, Windows Hosting, SSL Certificates.

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