How to Choose Images to Make Your Content Engagement Grow Handsomely

How to Choose Images to Make Your Content Engagement Grow Handsomely
How to Choose Images to Make Your Content Engagement Grow Handsomely

Choose Images – Content without images is like a body without a soul. If your posts or blogs don’t have images, it will fail to create magic in the mind of the audience. Visuals help brand easily boost their engagement level with the target audience and reach a wider audience.

Studies have shown that contents having rich and attractive images instantly draw the attention of people, so help maximize conversions. More so, nearly two-thirds of consumers believe that images are more necessary than product descriptions when it comes to making a purchase decision.

In fact, if you want to doubt the views of your content, you just need to add images to them and realize the goals easily. But yes, any images won’t help you content skyrocket into search engine result pages, only relevant ones can do.


  • You need to select images carefully as only high-quality types can create the difference to the engagement level


  • Only those images that add value the content will be able to deliver value to customers


  • Images should be relevant and visually appealing, and in synch with your brand ethos and marketing channel to do the magic


  • You should choose images that fit the context perfectly to serve the purpose of customers as only this can help drive the engagement


Things to look before choosing images for your content

It’s indeed not a rocket-science to choose images for your content but a bit of care will definitely get your better engagement. You’re likely to find suitable images that suit your content and projects easily, but some care is needed before their use.


Here are some of the things you better look before choosing images for your content –


  • Once you have found and selected images for your content, it makes sense to do a bit of research before taking a final call


  • Make sure the images you use are not used by any of your competitors as chances of this happening are more when you go for stock images


  • If you use stock photography, be sure to double check as who knows your competitor too might be using the same


  • Always look for images that have originality and newness to their core and once you do that, it will definitely save you from embarrassment of being caught as a copycat


  • You should deploy images that convey your brand message and brand ideas and doing this will also keep you away from the risk of having the same images as your competitors


  • It’s key to use colors that fit the brand perfectly as it will also prove to be the best possible differentiator from the competitors

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Tips to choose the right images

The decision to choose the right images for your content may appear simple from the outside but it’s actually quite complicated. You need to consider a lot of factors before getting the job done for boosting brand engagement. Any mistake might put your brand reputation some steps back for sure.


Here are some of the tips to choosing the right images for your content –


  1. Choose images that convey your message

Well before choosing images, you need to check whether they convey your company’s message perfectly. Images should add value to readers as only this can give a boost to conversions. The image/s you select should fit your content as only this can help readers grasp their utility in the context. Using unrelated or irrelevant content will always have the risk of negatively affecting leads, conversions, and level of engagement. So, always make a point to select images that will work as a bridge between your brand messages and potential customers.


  1. Choose images that fit your brand

You know your brand better than anyone else. You have in mind an image that you want every aspect of your business to present in front of the world. That’s why you should also take care of the selection of the images and choose only the ones that fit the brand perfectly. You could choose images that have your company’s name or site link to convey brand ideas effectively. Plus, if images are vibrant, they will capture attention easily and engage readers better. You can take ideas from the images used by competitors and achieve the goal for your brand.


  1. Choose images that are engaging

Content with drab or boring images will have lower engagement level in comparison to those using attractive images. The use of vibrant and crisp images can help brands do better in terms of engagement. You should also consider using bright and colorful images to give a boost to readership and conversions. In some cases, though, you might not be able to use vibrant images for the sake of branding reasons but that’s fine as long as images are relevant. If images are engaging, they will definitely help increase the engagement quotient of content.


  1. Choose images that capture a feeling

Images should covey the right feeling. Their selection should be done on the basis of their ability to win the attention and interest of the audience by striking through their heart. The images should make a connection with the readers and evoke emotions. If your images manage to ruffle the feathers in the heart or strike a chord with the audience, it will definitely help the engagement level of the content in question. So, it’s always better to look for images that covey the same state of mind that your customers are likely to have. It will work big time!


  1. Choose images that consider the conceptual

A lot of brands prefer creative conceptual images to convey their brand message. Such photos are unique in the sense that they combine the best of visual and emotions. They may look simple to discerning eyes, but their real magic lies in conveying myriad emotions together. They can be a powerful form of visual communication for focussing on the context in a subtle manner, drawing an analogy and setting a sea of emotions inside the customers.

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