What is the Difference Between SMM and SMO?

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What is the Difference Between SMM and SMO?

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers all over the world make is of not understanding the technicalities of marketing before taking the actual swim. SEO, being quite prevalent in online marketing circles, permit experts to avoid being caught on the wrong foot. But, in the world of Social Media marketing, no more than approximately 50% of marketers recognize the full potential in the correct way, the reason being their deficiency of knowledge and understanding. For example, how many of you know what is the difference between SMM and SMO really is? Yes, both of them are related to Social Media and social sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, you name it! But what is the difference? You will be shocked to know that both these terms are general under Social Media Promotion, but are totally different and have different impinging.

SMO and SMM: What is Social Media Marketing?

SMM – social media marketing; in addition to the SMO, you guessed it, you pay to have an ad on social media. This is how Facebook ads show up on your page.

What is the Difference Between SMM and SMO?

  • Social media strategy:-

It is the basic step for social media marketing, where we settle the goal, associated metrics, the best social system for a project, the best time to post on them, the best content info to connect well with the audience. It’s long documentation that we follow throughout the project duration.

  • Monitoring the right metrics:-

Planning and execution will only take you through halfway. Monitoring the metrics to see if your scheme is at all working, constitutes a major component of social media marketing. Tools like Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics, Fanpage Karma, etc will make your job easier.

  • Competition analysis:-

Social media competition analysis also drama a crucial role in social media marketing. We thoroughly monitor your competitors and their community to suss out the best plan for you. There are social media tools like Facebook Fanpage Karma, Twitonomy, Similar Web, BuzzSumo that help us in the process.

  • Social media content calendar:-

Social media marketing is largely based on content. So, we plan and make a detailed content calendar including all the important and relevant days for the customer. We also make sure to send them to the client, so she/he knows what we’re planning for them.

  • Social media style guide:-

It’s an essential part of the branding and every business, be it small or large, must have a style guide for their social media marketing. Wondering how do we do it? Easy. We analyze the mark audience, their age, preferences, online behavior and based on all these data we make a unique tone and voice that goes well with the existing website theme.

  • Engaging with the audience:-

Engagement a big role in social media marketing. We do it with our organic posts, social media campaigns, and social media ads. And that’s not all. We nearly monitor all the conversations happening in and close to our social media community to address the issues more quickly. Social media listening tools would help you with this.

SMO and SMM: What is Social Media Optimization?

SMO – social media optimization; basically when using social media ( Facebook, Twitter, etc.) you are making your profile more visible, your social network activity and published content can then be found better by people searching for assets and information that matches your content.What is the Difference Between SMM and SMO?

  • Adding social widgets:-

It’s always advisable to add social widgets and badges to your webpages. It enables your viewers to share your content well on the preferred social networks. Your audience can select and choose any network that they want for sharing your content.

  • Optimizing the social pages:-

Last but not least, you need to optimize your social media profiles with proper information about your business. It includes your website URL, about the business, address, logo, etc. Each social network has its own search process. Optimizing your social profiles would help you increase visibility.

  • Installing social sharing buttons:-

Sometimes, people cannot share their content on social media, even if they want to. The reason is, they cannot find the social sharing buttons easily or not at all. Make sure you place the buttons at the best place, so your users find them well with each piece of content.

  • Starting social interaction:-

The more you act on social media, the more stories you make. This would inevitably increase your social step. furthermore, your users will get more stories to enactment upon on social networks. Search engines see social stories as votes. So, it would also help you with SEO.

  • Creating shareable content:-

To ensure your social media optimization activity works for a long time, you need to create great content systematically on social media. Daily upload fresh content on your website and social media profiles. And don’t forget to optimize them for search.

  • Initiating social sign-ins:-

Another way to increase social step is, getting social sign-in while log-in. This is to ensure more social connections, as they tend to engage with a business more than non-connected users. It would also offer an easy sign-up process for your business.

  • Sharing content regularly:-

Once the content is ready and waiting, make sure to share them on multiple platforms. The more you do it, the more social step you get. You also can try different formats of the same content to ensure maximum reach from different sources. However, always choose the networks that can add value to your business.


SMM and SMO may be confused to be a similar construct. To be precise, Social Media Optimization is furthermore the organic part of the social media and SMM is non-organic and refers to paid activities happening over social media.

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